Pelham Elementary updating its facilities

Pelham Elementary updating its facilities
Planned renovations for Pelham Elementary

PELHAM, Ga. (WALB) - Construction to modernize Pelham Elementary is just weeks from starting.

This school year, Pelham Elementary will undergo major renovations.

Updating everything from their cabinets to their floors.

Pelham Elementary Principal Becky Davis told WALB they’re updating safety features and access to the main entrance will be modified.

“When it’s completed, it’ll be where parents definitely cannot get into the building unless they’re buzzed in,” Davis said. “And it’ll be a little more secure in between those buildings on the outskirts.”

Davis said this project will cost upwards of $4 million.

Becky Davis, Pelham Elementary School principal (Source: WALB)
Becky Davis, Pelham Elementary School principal (Source: WALB)

She anticipates construction being complete at the end of this school year.

“We’re very excited about having a new looking facility once we’re finished with the project,” Davis said.

Davis said she eager to see how the students will respond when it’s complete.

"I think they’ll be very pleased when they enter the building and see how nice it’s going to be in the end. And I think they’ll take a lot of pride in the new facility,” said Davis.

The labor-intensive project will displace the fourth and fifth grade students to the old high school.

The other grades will learn around the construction.

"When an area is completed, we’ll have students move to that new area that’s been completed and vacate that area so that area can be modernized,” said Davis.

Davis said the parts of the building that are over 40 years old will be brought to code and updated the most.

Nearly 200 students will be relocated for the school year.

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