Neighborhood Grocery upgrades security after multiple break-ins

Neighborhood Grocery upgrades security

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - Neighborhood Grocery employees are at ease after arrests have been made in several burglaries in the last few weeks, the store owner told WALB.

Muhammad Shafi’s store on Johnson Road had been burglarized several times over the past few months.

Shafi said following the arrests, his employees are more at ease.

“We feel easy, you know,"Shafi said. "Hopefully, they’re gonna arrest the other people, you know. They made two gun point robberies, so that’s helping you know. Now everybody knows. So if they do wrong, anything, you know, they get arrested and then they have to pay.”

Shafi has made some security improvements both inside and outside the store, including adding glass enclosures to the counter area.

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