Wake Fest raises money for boy with heart condition

Published: Jul. 21, 2019 at 11:20 AM EDT
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ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - “Every year we pick a local family that has a special needs child. Someone we can help and raise as much money possible for them and give everything to them,” said President of Wake Fest Adam Gilbert.

Saturday, residents in Lee County came together to enjoy water sports, and a rib eating contest to raise money for a family in need at this year’s Wake Fest.

This year the event was for the Jones family.

Bennett Jones
Bennett Jones

“We are going through a heart condition. At 2 months old he had open-heart surgery and from there on he’s had valve replacement and stents,” Todd Jones said.

Todd Jones
Todd Jones

Bennett Jones was not at the event but his father Todd Jones was. Bennett is currently in St. Louis Missouri where he is on the heart transfer list.

Gilbert says the organization has had great support since they started the charity event.

“The community support is unbelievable, man we got about ninety sponsors just local businesses here in town. It has just been great; it has been unexpected and the outcome has just been great,” Gilbert said.

Jones says he’s overwhelmed by the community’s willingness to help.

“This is a lot. To have family and friends come together for Wake Fest each and every year is just unbelievable,” Jones said.

We asked Gilbert what made him want to make a difference.

President Adam Gilbert
President Adam Gilbert

“So we wanted to have a Wake Board competition back in ’09. A good friend of mine came up to me and was like man lets do it but let’s make it a charity event; let’s raise money and get people involved in it. It has kinda gown since. Every since I had my little girl; the blessing of having a perfectly healthy child just fueled my fire to want me to do it more,” Gilbert said.

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