Albany residents want to know what’s terrorizing neighborhood animals

Albany residents want to know what's terrorizing neighborhood animals

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - One Southwest Georgia family is watching closely for whatever is causing neighborhood cats to go missing.

The Doublegate neighborhood's packed with pets.

At one house, they just want to keep them safe.

Especially after their game camera captured a photo of a fox Wednesday night.

“I remember the first thing I said when I saw the fox was, ‘That’s what did that to my cat,’” said Danielle Melvin, a resident and a cat owner.

Danielle Melvin
Danielle Melvin (Source: WALB)

Melvin said a game camera caught a fox roaming in their front yard. She believes its what nipped her cat, Tiger, behind the ear.

But she said she believes there’s something even more vicious out there.

“The other night he came running up to us and he ran up to my feet, and he was running faster than I had ever seen him run towards me,” said Melvin.

Resident Michael Kierce told us he and his dog Pookie came across a pack of four to six wild dogs or coyotes.

Michael Kierce.
Michael Kierce. (Source: WALB)

“It scared us because we’ve never seen that many before,” said Kierce.

Kierce said he’s willing to bet the pack is responsible for several cats that have gone missing. That includes their cat Stimpy, who was found dead.

“There was fur from our porch all the way to the end of the ditch and there was a piece of Stimpy’s tail,” Kierce explained.

He said they doubt it was a fox that killed Stimpy.

According to the U.S. Humane Society, foxes won’t take on cats that size.

But to be safe, experts said you can just keep them indoors.

Knowing this, Kierce hopes to catch something bigger.

“We really want to get coyotes on pictures, on video or something,” Kierce said.

To protect everyone in the community.

“They are all bite sized and it just makes me so nervous to have all these small animals and children around what’s been going on,” said Melvin.

The family hopes to catch the wild dogs or coyotes on camera. Then, they plan to raise money to hire someone to catch those animals.

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