‘Hope it was worth all the quarters that you stole’: Police connect 1 suspect to 3 Valdosta restaurant burglaries

Valdosta man arrested in restaurant robberies

VALDOSTA, Ga. (WALB) - Police announced Wednesday that detectives have connected one man to a string of recent burglaries at Valdosta restaurants.

“It hits you when you least expect it," said Nichole Smith, and employee at El Cazador.

El Cazador is just one of the three restaurants that was broken into and robbed.

“Honestly, I would have never thought it would’ve happened, so it did catch me and everyone off guard," said Smith.

Officers arrested Ronnie Campbell, 42, for three counts of felony robbery.

“It’s great to hear the police are doing their job and making it safe for the community," said El Cazador customer Hunter Royal.

According to a press release from the Valdosta Police Department, detectives believe the burglaries happened within two days.

Officers said the first burglary happened Monday at Betty's Diner.

The second happened around 2:30 a.m. on Tuesday at Zacadoos, a couple of blocks away.

The third happened a little over 30 minutes later on Tuesday morning at El Cazadors, one block from Zacadoos.

Officers said they used surveillance footage to identify Campbell as the suspect.

Royal said it’s just sad that someone felt they were in the position to have to rob these places.

Thankfully, the restaurants were closed so no one was inside at the time.

“It’s another thing whenever you’re a patron there, just eating and some guy comes in and robs the place to ruin your meal and your day," said Royal.

Employees at both Zacadoos and El Cazador said that the offender was not able to make off with much.

Royal said it’s just sad that the man risked his life and freedom for loose change. Smith agreed.

“Hope it was worth all the quarters that you stole. Hope you got a few bucks out of that," said Smith.

Officers said there may be more charges for him in the future.

This case is still under investigation.

“Our patrol officers did an outstanding job of linking the two burglaries together and getting information out quickly to the rest of the department, which resulted in an arrest. This was a great team effort by members of our department to get this offender off the streets.”
Valdosta Police Chief Leslie Manahan

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