Lowndes Co. officials want you to be safe in the South GA heat

Lowndes Co. officials want you to be safe in the South Georgia heat

LOWNDES CO., Ga. (WALB) - Heat indexes are reaching up to 105 degrees in some places.

Lowndes County leaders want to make sure everyone is able to stay safe and healthy.

Officials want to remind you stay hydrated and keep an eye out for those in need.

Lowndes County Spokesperson Paige Dukes said now is the time to make sure you’re looking out for children, the elderly, your pets and those with disabilities.

Dukes said not doing so could result in health complications, like heat stroke.

“We have an obligation. You know there are some of us who can take care of ourselves and there are some of us who can’t. Those that can have an obligation to care for those who can’t," said Dukes.

Dukes said if someone appears to be suffering from a heat-related illness, call 911.

She said dispatchers can help identify the symptoms while dispatching EMS.

They suggest drinking plenty of water and taking breaks to go indoors when being out in the heat.

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