Tiftarea YMCA summer program teaches conflict solving

Good News: Tiftarea YMCA summer program teaches conflict solving

Tifton, Ga. (WALB) - On Wednesday, kids in Tifton not only had fun activities to do, but a summer camp also aims to teach them life-long lessons.

The Tiftarea YMCA was the operation behind the event at First United Methodist Church.

The summer program allowed kids to enjoy outside as well as inside activities. Kids watched movies, paint and ate together.

Tiftarea YMCA Sports and program Director Jason Bisoff said this is something he loves to do.

Source: WALB
Source: WALB

“I’m a youth pastor at heart I’ve been a youth pastor for 20 years and with kids I like to make a difference in their lives now. These kids are going to be adults one day. All of our counselors are picked out; they are either school teachers or have a future in kids and I want to see a difference in the kids’ lives,” Bisoff said.

Bisoff says they talk the children through their problems when they get in trouble versus traditional forms of discipline.

He says this makes them conflict solvers from an early start.

For more information on how you can get your kids enrolled before summer ends go on over to their website.

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