Indians getting set for another title run in 2019

Irwin County ready for the charge towards Atlanta

Indians ready for 2019 season

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - If you head to Irwin County, they’ll tell you how great it is to be an Indian.

And what’s not to love?

For the Irwin County football team, they’ve been a force in single-A, and it looks like 2019 won’t be bringing any changes.

“Our senior group is a good group,” said Irwin County head football coach Buddy Nobles. “They’ve been in a lot of games. So, we just expecting to plan to be the same. But we’re not taking it for granted.”

With 4 region titles in the last 5 years proving the Indians worth, they still believe there is unfinished business to attend to.

With 4 state final appearances in those last 5 years and no rings, it looks like the goal remains the same.

“Heading into this season has anything changed at all? Has the goal changed at all?”

“We still got the same goal,” said senior defensive back Jamorri Colson. “Win the last game. Same goal.”

With a large senior class leaving behind some big shoes, these players know that it’s time to step up and bring it home.

“We just got to win game 15 and do the little things right, said senior running back D.J. Lundy. “Make sure everybody’s focused and locked in and be ready to ball out on Friday nights.”

With those Friday nights just 37 days away, these Indians are ready to finish what they started in 2018.

But are just focused on game number 1.

“You know, we’ll see what’s going to happen,” said Nobles. “The first thing we’ve been focused on is Brooks County. We’re not worried about playing in Atlanta or whatever stadium they’re going to play us at. If we’re fortunate to be playing in December, then it’s been a great year.”

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