Rams storming towards the 2019 football season

Worth County welcoming new turf and uniform ahead of the regular season

Worth County prepping for 2019

SYLVESTER, Ga. (WALB) - For worth county, the whole city seems to be apart of Ram nation.

All cheering their Rams on to one common goal, the state title.

With the season only months away, the Rams are back on the field, hoping to inch closer to that goal.

A goal they haven’t brought home since 87.

“It would be amazing," said senior offensive lineman Caleb Dowell. "It’ll be a game changer for the young ones coming up.”

For the Rams, their hard work shows on the field.

But with that field getting some much need renovations, it seems the whole community is excited to see what the future has in store for Worth County.

“Well I think getting a new field, the kids excited, the community is excited," said Worth County head football coach Frankie Carroll. "People are stopping by and looking at it. As soon as we get the lights up we’ll have a little open house. I think it’s gunna fire kids up to play hard.”

But a big key for the Rams this season needs to be their offense.

Averaging only 11 points a game these last two seasons, has left the Rams looking less like themselves.

“Well I think now we are getting the ball into the athletes hands more," said junior quarterback Jordan Curry. "Giving everybody more opportunity to score. Kind of being more diverse. Last year we weren’t that different. So we’re kind of switching up this year.”

For Worth County, the recipe seems to be there.

Now working towards that common goal as one.

Hoping to find that first playoff berth since 2016, which will lead them to that historic season.

“Just playing the game," said Carroll. "Just getting out there and playing the game. That’s what we got to do is just play.”

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