Only a few cooling showers

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - A rather tranquil but hot and humid start to the week. Temps are in the mid 90s but it’s feeling much hotter more like 100-105. isolated showers and thunderstorms are cooling a few areas while the rest remain dry.

Almost a carbon copy Tuesday as highs reach mid-upper 90s but feeling more like 100-105. Feel lucky if rain moves across your yard as chances remain slim. Our rain chances ramp up as moisture increases midweek into the weekend.

For now summer heat continues with little relief from Mother Nature until late week.

In the tropics, Barry weakens with max winds down to 25mph. As it moves into the Ohio Valley 2-4″ of rain possibly 8″ in isolated locations. Flash flooding remains a major concern. Flooding continues in south central Louisiana where Barry dumped 10-20″ of rain as it slowly moved across the state.


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