Cairo Syrupmakers looking for a repeat season in 2019

Cairo won the region title in 2018

Cairo getting ready for 2019

CAIRO, Ga. (WALB) - Eight region titles in 12 years.

The Cairo Syrupmakers have proven that they are clearly a force in the region.

For the past three decades the Cairo Syrupmakers have had their fair share of region title victories.

This season they’re determined to reach the finals.

“Going out with a bang with my team. One more time with my brothers," said tight end Ernest Taylor.

Struggling to overcome their weaknesses on offense... hopes of a winning season - fading.

“We started out kind of slow last year," said Head Coach Steven DeVoursney.

But, they’d quickly turn the season around winning their next eight games.

“We had to come together and figure out how to be a team and play hard," said Taylor.

Going all the way to the quarter finals.

“I think our kids came together and were able to bounce back and win the region. That’s kind of our goal this year is to repeat and our kids have been working hard this summer to do that," said DeVoursney.

A program known for its strength on defense, Calvin Issac says they're ready to dominate again.

“Cairo’s always been a defensive team, so we’re used to that pressure but the offense they picked it up at the season went on, they just kept working like we were working,” said Calvin Issac, defensive end.

The Syrupmakers were firing on both sides of the ball last year.

Emphasizing on the rushing game, they were able to find the holes in their opponents defense, getting them to the end zone several times a game.

“Our kids just work hard, they come out here everyday they know if they’re here they’re going to be here to get better at something. We’re going to work everyday and I know they’ve got that mindset," said DeVoursney.

For 2019, they’re coming in as a team.

That’s what made our defense so good, we played as a team. And just working together at practice, going hard," said Issac. “You get yelled at by the coaches, it just made us come together and we had not choice but to work as a team.”

The Syrupmakers will start their road to state August 23rd against Thomasville.

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