Tift Co. animal shelter concerned about overflow of pets

Tift Co. animal shelter concerned about overflow of pets

TIFTON, Ga. (WALB) - The Tift County Animal Shelter is looking for help from the community to adopt pets.

The shelter currently has an overflow of cats and dogs.

Many people may pass by these animals every day on the street or on the sidewalk.

Shelter Director Russell Gay says within the last year alone, they have picked up 3,800 dogs and cats combined.

“Well, the biggest problem we have is people not spaying (and) neuter. Not taking care of your animal and not keeping them contained or looked after and we pick up a lot of strays,” Gay said.

Gay says pet owners, especially those with cats, should get them neutered. The two species can multiply increasingly fast if not taken care of.

“We have rescued out a big, big percentage of those. We have two rescue coordinators; they are volunteers that do an outstanding job for rescue,” Gay said.

The shelter partners with many rescue teams such as New Hope, Fly With Me and Apollo. They help by taking the dogs to other shelters out of state if they aren’t adopted within a certain time period.

Gay says the shelter is constantly looking for families to adopt and appreciates the help they’ve been getting from city officials and residents to help feed and take care of the overflow of animals.

'We get a lot of support from the community which is a great help. Our rescue coordinators, they get food donated to us like dog food and cat food. Our county commissioners and our county manager are very supportive of us," Gay told us.

Gay says what they do at the shelter is very important and believes that these animals are caring creatures and would make amazing life long companions.

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