'She was what gave my life hope’: 12-years later family continues search for 17-year-old who went missing

Family holds vigil for missing teen 12 year later

Tifton, Ga. (WALB) - One Southwest Georgia family said they won’t give up the search for a loved one who’s been missing for more than a decade.

Brandi Cole was 17-years-old when she went missing in July of 2007.

Since her disappearance, her family said they are continuing to look for clues wherever they can in hopes of finding her.

“The purpose is to let everyone know that she is missed and we are still looking and we do still have hope,” said Tia Cole, Brandi’s sister.

Tia Cole (Source: WALB)
Tia Cole (Source: WALB)

During the investigation, the family told police Brandi would not have run away because of her daughter, Carmen, who is now 12-years-old.

“She was what gave my life hope. She was more in the direction to become somebody,” said Tia.

Family and friends came out to comfort Brandi’s mom and sister during the vigil.

“It hurts me to see her hurt, so I am here to support her. I never knew her sister but I do love and care about Tia a lot and I know that is one thing that is very very important to her is her sister; and we just want her back,” said family friend Stephanie Davis.

Stephanie Davis (Source: WALB)
Stephanie Davis (Source: WALB)

Tift authorities told the family that they will continue to investigate and look for answers but Brandi’s mother said she’s starting to lose hope in humanity.

“I don’t want no other parent to go through what I have been going through for the past 12 years. I just want my baby, whatever way she comes, I just need to have my baby,” said Shellie Auchtund, Brandi’s mom.

Shellie Auchtung (Source: WALB)
Shellie Auchtung (Source: WALB)

Tia said she will not allow her sister’s disappearance to get swept under the rug and refuses to rest until she gets answers.

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