Rebels using the look good, feel good, play good mentality in 2019

Turner County welcomes a new weight room and scoreboard in 2019, hoping it’ll be the spark they need

Rebels using the look good, feel good, play good mentality in 2019
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ASHBURN, Ga. (WALB) - Just 46 days separates the Rebels from taking Alan Hobby field.

But a few changes will be making their way in 2019.

Starting with newly named head coach, Nick Hayes.

“First of all, blessed to be here. Lord’s put me in a great situation,"said Hayes. "South Georgia football, of course, expectations are always high. We have set a very high level of expectations for our young men.”

With the Rebels being his first chance to prove himself as a head coach, Hayes seems to already be making an impact around the community.

As the Rebels welcome a new weight room, and scoreboard, to the Rebel family.

Seems the Rebels are believing in the look good, feel good, play good mentality.

“You know, I’m the old man on the staff," said Hayes. "They get onto me sometimes about the swag and the extra that I don’t buy into sometimes. It makes our young men feel good if they step on this feel. And that’s what we want to play with. We want to play with confidence.”

With the new season bringing good looks, they are also hoping it’ll bring the team together, to find that first region title since 2006.

“Seeing that is really great," said senior defensive back Zion Weaver. "Because last year and the year before, we didn’t have no good stuff like that. We working with old stuff. Good stuff like that being provided for us, everybody work harder.”

Of course, the mission is to shock the region.

And the secret to that may lie in the offense.

Although they’ve only averaged 19 points the last two seasons.

They believe this year, the Rebel O is something to watch for this season.

“For The past two years, our offense wasn’t really that strong," said junior offensive guard Chris Clark. "But now I feel like we worked real hard and now that our lineman, we really getting better. So I feel like this year should be a big change and we’re going to shock some people with it.”

Only time will tell how the Rebels will perform in 2019.

With August 23rd just around the bend, the Rebels are ready for the challenge.

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