Braves fan saves woman from getting hit by foul ball

South Georgia fan saves woman from getting hit by foul ball at Braves game

Braves fan saves woman from getting hit by foul ball
Patrick Howard, man who caught foul ball

CAMILLA, Ga. (WALB) - America's pass time may not be the most leisure sport anymore.

As much as we wish, the connection between the ball and bat doesn't always lead to a home run.

Sometimes it makes contact with the fans.

Even though this isn’t a new problem it’s a frequent one.

“It’s really dangerous out there and the balls can hurt people,” said Patrick Howard a Braves fan here in South Georgia.

Howard saw those dangers first hand during a home game.

Seated near the handicap area Howard promised the people in front of him that he would save them from a foul ball.

Little did he know he'd get the chance a few innings later.

“As soon as I caught the ball, I turned around and started throwing my hands up in the air. I was running down the aisle,” said Howard.

It wasn’t until he saw a video of his catch that put everything into perspective.

“I realized after I caught it, I turned around and I was so full of excitement. It didn’t dawn on me until a little after that point that they were still sitting right there less than a few feet from where I caught the ball. And the lady was very very thankful that I caught it for her,” said Howard.

He knows the closer you sit to the field the more dangerous it becomes,but he also said it’s a part of the thrill.

Even with this joy, he said it’s not a tough choice when deciding between catching a foul ball and his son and daughter’s safety.

“If it’s between his safety and a foul ball, I’d rather have his safety," said Howard.

He said the league should consider extending the nets.

Until changes are made, he urges fan who sit close to the field to pay attention to the game.

And to keep bringing that glove.

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