Dougherty commissioners approve new agreements with new lumber plant, new branding logos

Dougehrty Co. Commission approves new agreements with GA Pacific Lumber Plant

DOUGHERTY CO., Ga. (WALB) - The Georgia-Pacific Lumber Plant is set to open later this year in Albany and as construction on the mill wraps up, the plant needed two new agreements with Dougherty County leaders.

County leaders wanted to clarify the different responsibilities the lumber plant has and the county has, especially in terms of making sure there is clean water going into the site and clean water leaving the site.

The $150 million plant will be a 320,000 square-foot lumber mill.

Dougherty County Public Works wants to make sure they have a storm water facility agreement between the plant operators and the county.

The agreement is for safety reasons and something the county does every time there’s large construction.

Commissioners also signed another agreement Monday.

“During the course of the land use planning, we have an existing easement that comes through the properties," Larry Cook, public works director, said. "And it was impeding in the area they needed to use, so they come to us and ask if they can relocate the storm water and then we can get that easement from them.”

The plant needs to relocate a right-of-way the county owns for their construction purposes.

County commissioners voted unanimously to approve both agreements.

Construction is expected to last the next six to seven months.

More from Monday’s county commission meeting:

Dougehrty Co. Commission approves new logos

Dougherty County officially has a new logo and their branding project can now begin.

The new logo will be on all of the county’s work trucks and gear.

The new Dougherty County logo. (Source: WALB)
The new Dougherty County logo. (Source: WALB)
Wendy Howell, the Dougherty County spokesperson, designed the new logo. (Source: WALB)
Wendy Howell, the Dougherty County spokesperson, designed the new logo. (Source: WALB)

It’s meant to symbolize what’s important here in the county.

“The logo itself was designed to really compliment the City, compliment the Chamber, with the curves designating the river and in the middle, we have the green for the agricultural aspect," Wendy Howell, Dougherty County spokesperson, said. “So we’re really excited we can roll this out.”

Now the county can move forward with their new website design, as well.

It will be more user friendly so you can find items more easily when you search.

Commissioners voted unanimously to approve the new logo.

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