Terrell Academy Eagles looking to win another region title

Terrell Academy Eagles preparing for 2019 season

Terrell Academy Eagles looking to win another region title
Terrell Academy Eagles

DAWSON, Ga. (WALB) - The road to the finals wasn’t an easy one for the Terrell Academy Eagles.

Starting their season 0-3.

“Football is a game but we were knocked down on our back flat," said Head Coach Bill Murdock.

Going into their fourth game Coach Murdock knew it would be the difference maker.

“They came back and I think that’ll do good things for them moving forward in their life," said Murdock.

That come back led to another region title victory and an appearance in the state finals.

Senior Welsey Griffin said to have a stronger start next season they need to be mentally tough.

“Continue to work on our plays and continue to work on our drills and form and working together as a team,” said Griffin.

After losing several skill players, Senior Lawson Hall says there's more pressure on the younger players to fill those roles.

“Just work harder, don’t be so scared about the game. Just do your best and try your best to win," said Hall.

Hall said he believes they’ll be able to continue this winning tradition... if all the players buy in to the program.

“I have high hopes for all the young people. I think we’re going to be really good this year, just have to work harder and do our best," said Hall.

Coach Murdock said he hopes to capitalize on the improvements they made on offense last season.

“We had some really good skill players. We had good receivers and running backs and our offensive line got better and better as the year went on. We think our offensive line is going to be tremendous strength this year," said Murdock.

Last year, the Eagles defense allowed the most points scored within the past eight seasons.

As they prepare for the 2019 season, Coach Murdock said that’ll be a main focus.

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