Monroe Tornadoes looking to get back to the finals

The Monroe Tornadoes lost a key player in David Dillard last year.

Monroe football ready for 2019 season

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - The Monroe Tornadoes lost a key player in David Dillard last year.

Now with a new QB taking the snaps Jordan Edwards is ready to lead this team.

“When I come out here with my brothers you have to take that leadership role, you don’t want to see your teammates down," said Edwards.

Head Coach Charles Truitt said they’ll be able to fill the void that Dillard left... if the returning players continue working hard.

“We also put a lot of pressure on our quarterback to be able to put our offense in the best possible position to make big plays,” said Truitt. "Losing him was a big negative for us. We feel good about the progress we have with our upcoming quarterbacks.”

The Tornadoes averaged 18 points a game last season.

Determined to improve on that side of the ball Edwards said he’s all about getting the team on the same page.

“Having the type of chemistry that the senior class has we’re trying to spread it throughout the rest of the group," said Edwards. "I mean having a high character, work hard mentality, we’re coming to kill. You know work hard, we just want to strive for greatness.”

Looking to win their first region title since 2006, senior Emon Seay said each person has to want it.

“We got some good, young, strong minded individuals. We just working, we grinding, trying to win the state championship," siad Seay.

Down three starting offensive lineman this year. Truitt said working on technique is a top priority for the offensive and defensive lines.

“Our offensive line play is going to have to improve. Because we all understand that the play of your offensive and defensive line is going to be the determining factor on how successful you’ll do in the season,” said Truitt.

Despite all the changes to the team, Edwards believes they're headed in the right direction and will be ready come regular season.

In Albany, Paige Dauer, WALB News 10 Sports.

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