Dougherty Trojans ready to turn their football program around

Dougherty Trojans looking to new head coach to lead them to victory

Dougherty ready for 2019 season

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - For the third year in a row a new head coach will be under the main headset for the Trojans.

Head Coach Johnny Gilbert said he’s invested and isn’t leaving anytime soon.

“We’re committed to them. They need to be committed to us. And we’re going to be here for the long haul so we’re not going anywhere," said Gilbert.

Senior defensive lineman, Isaiah Donaldson knows the quick turnover of coaches can be detremental to the team.

But, said he’s ready to put his trust in Gilbert.

“I know getting different coaches for the past three years is going to be shakey it’s going to be different. Because, again new types of schemes and everything. But, just buying into the process and being all in we’ll be able to put points on the board," said Donaldson.

Which the offense struggled to do last season.

Averaging just seven points a game.,but that could all change in just a couple months.

“With us as a coaching staff and what we’re bringing our philosophy and our system. I think once we get that engraved into the kids I think the sky’s the limit," said Giblert.

Drills like this, became a key component to the Trojans defense as they would quickly become the power behind this team. Allowing the fewest points scored in the past three seasons.

Looking for their first winning season in 10 years, Gethyn Ellerson said it’ll be a true team effort to start winning games.

“Offense, defense it goes both ways everybody has to be on the same page, everybody got to come together. It’s a winning progress," said Ellerson.

As a center, Joshua Hall said the offensive line needs to work on their communication.

“I got to make sure my offensive line knows their assignments and know what they got to do to. And make sure everybody be moving together in one piece," said Hall.

The Trojans say they’re going into this 2019 season eager to turn the program around.

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