Parvovirus leads to Albany Humane Society quarantine

Parvovirus leads to Albany Humane Society quarantine

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - The Albany Humane Society said it had a quarantine issue but it has since been resolved.

The humane society said it was prompted by a dog who was transported from another shelter earlier this month.

WALB was told that the dog had the Parvovirus.

Lulu Kaufman, the vice president of the Albany Humane Society Board of Directors, said the transport van has been cleaned.

Kaufman said they shut down the shelter to make sure they had time to fully clean it.

“In order for us to make sure the diseases did not spread anywhere in the shelter, we quarantined the shelter. We did not allow people to come in for, I think it was one week, just to make sure no other animal got sick,” explained Kaufman.

Kaufman said the virus never made it inside the shelter.

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