Mitchell County looking to soar in 2019 season

Eagles offense may score most of the points, but their defense holds the fort with an average of 12 points in three years

Mitchell County ready to soar in 2019

CAMILLA, Ga. (WALB) - With 54 days till their official start of the season, the Eagles are hard at work in June as if it was August.

For the last three seasons, the Eagles have been in the driver’s seat of the region.

Part of their success, goes to third year head coach Deshon Brock.

“Just pay the price in the off season," said Brock. "Continue to work hard and be disciplined. Make sure everyone is doing their job to the best of their abilities and hold these kids accountable. Hold ourselves accountable as coaches and make sure our coaches are prepared week in and week out.”

For the Eagles, their offense has of course turned heads the last three seasons, averaging 35 points per game.

Part of their success, goes to quarterback standout James Thomas.

Hoping to inspire the upcoming underclassmen to remember what the goal is when it’s their time.

“Making the young people see what we see at the same time, said Thomas. "Because when we leave, things are going to be different. And I want them to take that leadership role as well.”

Along with that strong offense, comes a powerful defense.

One that’s averaged 12 points the last two seasons.

Now hoping to lead the way for the Eagles this season.

“Just working hard, flying to the ball, keeping aggressive, attacking, trying to create turnovers,"said senior defensive lineman Lance Robinson. "But just coming in with a physical mentality and we should be able to keep it rolling.”

With the Eagles returning most of their starters to the line, the Eagles could see gold in 2019.

“Oh, it’s going to take everybody to fit in," said senior wide receiver Kentrel Williams. "Everybody working hard, everybody being here on time. Little things.”

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