After robberies, customers urge owner to keep Neighborhood Grocery open

“It need to stop. To much violence going on and this the only store we have”, customers urge owner

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) -An Albany store owner says his business has faced four robberies in one month, and that has caused great concern for his customers and employees.

Police are still investigating the latest robbery that happened Thursday night.

Muhammad Shafi is the owner of The Neighborhood Grocery, and says he is thinking about closing down.

However, loyal customers are urging him to stay open.

Muhammad Shafi said Thursday's robbery is the fourth robbery this month. (Source: WALB)
Muhammad Shafi said Thursday's robbery is the fourth robbery this month. (Source: WALB)

James Pegues is an employee at the store and says “You know it’s a neighborhood store. The store is here for the neighborhood.”

He has been working at the neighborhood store for three weeks.

He’s also been a loyal customer since being in the area, and says he was sad to hear about another robbery at the store.

“You know, why would you come, you know destroy something that’s in your neighborhood?”

Muhammad Shafi is the owner and says he plans to speak with police on Monday and “I’m gonna check with police you know. What’s going on this case, you know, four cases and what they have, some new information.”

James Pegues (WALB image)
James Pegues (WALB image)

A potential closure has Pegues worried about how he would support him and his wife “And I’m have to go find another job. Like I said, I’d have to go try to find somewhere to work, because you know, bills gonna pile up.”

Donnell Weston says the convenience store is just that-- a convenience for him and his kids.

He says he goes to the store to “Buying lottery, snacks for the kids. I’m here two or three times a week, sometimes probably five.”

He has a sharp message for those tearing apart his hometown store.

“It needs to stop. Too much violence going on, and this the only store we have. If they take the store away. We ain’t got nowhere to go. We gotta walk far, and nobody wanna walk far.”

APD says there are no updates in this case.

If you have any information call Crime Stoppers, at 229.436.TIPS.

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