Lowndes Co. railroad maintenance expected to cause delays

Closed railroad crossing could create traffic delays in Lowndes County

VALDOSTA, Ga. (WALB) - One railroad transportation company is planning traffic detours and interruptions in the coming weeks.

CSX officials told WALB that they anticipate replacing beams underneath the train track with these new ones that are off to my left.

“Improvement is always better so I’m not really mad at it," said Antwan Mathis, who lives near the railroad track.

The routine maintenance will cause each affected crossing in Lowndes and Brooks counties to be closed for two to five days.

Mathis lives near a railroad crossing and he said he’s no stranger to the delays.

“When you get used to it, that’s when you just smack your teeth and go on and turn around," said Mathis.

CSX officials released a statement saying in part, that they appreciate the public’s patience while completing this work to ensure the safety of motorists.

It reads that the work has been scheduled with roadway authorities to repave the asphalt and replace crossings.

Officials said that the beams actually cause the train to dip a little bit as it runs, affecting its ability to operate like normal.

“I’ll just be glad when the project is all over and done," said Mathis.

Mathis said he just wishes someone took the time to directly notify residents in the area.

“Let these people know, ‘Look, we’re doing this over here at this time. These over here at these times so keep that in caution,'" said Mathis.

CSX officials said they don’t typically contact individual residents but they try to notify people through the media and their detour signage.

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