Valdosta State University team gives back with youth basketball camp

VSU offers Little Blazers Basketball Camp

VALDOSTA, Ga. (WALB) - The Valdosta State University (VSU) Athletics Department is giving back to the community with its two week-long Little Blazers Basketball Camp.

All this week, VSU is hosting a day camp to teach first through fourth graders all about basketball.

“I just want to come back the next day and play," said Little Blazer camper Bax Klement.

Klement is one of the Little Blazers that is sad to leave camp at the end of the day.

While his friend Max Helfer said it’s a toss-up for him when it’s time to go home.

“I still feel a little sad to go home because I want to stay, but then when I go home, I want to go outside. So it’s either or," said Helfer.

Helfer’s dad is the head coach of the basketball team, so he’s attended this camp for the past four years.

“My favorite part is being nice and passing to a lot of friends so they can get scores," said Helfer.

Alongside talking about what to do on the court, these types of lessons in kindness are a part of what the instructors and the coaches are hoping to teach.

“Anytime we feel like we give back to the community or just give back to anybody in general, we’re all for it," said Clayton Guillozet, a rising senior at VSU.

Guillozet said he drove all the way back from his hometown in Ohio just to be a part of this camp.

“I know me personally, when I was younger, looking up to older kids, that really motivated me and inspired me," said Guillozet.

Guillozet said he is looking to inspire this generation of young Blazers to be the best that they can be.

Head Coach Mike Helfer said even if the kids don’t find a love for basketball, he hopes that they might at least become interested in higher education.

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