Cook Medical Center nears completion

Cook Medical Center nears completion

ADEL, Ga. (WALB) - The new $40 million Cook Medical Center in Adel is now 90 percent complete.

The Tift Regional Health System center will offer more advanced technological care and more space for the residents seeking treatment in the region.

Construction crews are putting the final touches on the 120,000 sq. ft. facility, taking on minor projects like painting and adding light fixtures.

“We are practically at the finish line right now," said Liza Tillman, a Tift Regional Heath System spokesperson.

Tillman said they’re getting ready for equipment to start arriving and finishing up their to-do lists.

“This feels good. This is the real rewarding part of the project, but this is where you cannot let your guard down. The last 10 percent is the hardest to finish," said Project Supervisor Kyle Schuchmann.

With the project nearing completion, Schuchmann reflects on how it wasn’t easy to get here with recent weather events like Hurricane Michael.

“A significant amount of weather. I think it was one of the largest rain events last year, the summer and pretty much all last year. The area didn’t sustain much damage but a lot of folks that come to this area working, there’s multiple people with power outages for days upon days" said Schuchmann.

The facility is back on track for its original plan of completion.

Officials said they are excited for the all new, state-of-the-art facility.

“We just believe this is the care and the facility that our patients and residents of this area deserve," said Tillman.

The facility is expected to open this fall in early October.

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