Camp Osborn continues to rebuild

Camp Osborne recovers from Mother Nature

WORTH CO., Ga. (WALB) - Worth County’s Boy Scout camp, Camp Osborn, is seeing more changes.

Volunteers and staff have been helping rebuild Keenan Lake, a five acre lake now being filled with fresh water, and Ellis Road.

Eric Ginter, Camp Ranger (Source: WALB)
Eric Ginter, Camp Ranger (Source: WALB)

People rebuilt the dam around the lake, and split it into two sections, one for swimming the other for boating and fishing.

They've also replaced culverts along Ellis Road and widened it.

Ellis Road lies in a watershed that goes from Sylvester to the Flint River in Albany.

Right now only small groups are able to camp at Camp Osborn.

Ellis Road gets new updates (Source: WALB)
Ellis Road gets new updates (Source: WALB)

“Basically we didn’t know what we were going to do with the property today," explained Camp Ranger, Eric Ginter. “All the renovations that have been done, the trees being planted and seeing the growth of those, and just all the different improvements over the two and a half years has been very heartwarming.”

Once the lake is full, the camp ranger says he hopes to contact the DNR about adding fish and other wildlife back in.

They hope to host larger scouting activities in August.

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