Patriots following Olten Downs to victory

In his first year as head football coach at Westover, he brought them their best season since 2016

Westover football ready for 2019

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - Many coaches will tell you that if you improve just a little each year then you can create a dynasty in no time.

For Westover, they could just be around the corner of creating something special.

“We’re very optimistic of the way things are looking for us," said head football coach Olten Downs. "We just know, one week at a time, one day at a time, we’re just going to keep working.”

Just a year into his head coaching career at Westover, coach Downs has propelled the Patriots to their best season since 2016.

But each year, they plan to get a step closer to becoming a powerhouse in region 4-A.

“The difference between a good team and a great team is just one play," said Downs. "Just trying to be consistent in our efforts the whole way through, and not taking the path of easiest resistance.”

Getting the chance to take the field this early in the preseason, the Patriots look as if they’re ready for war.

“We’re just competing every day, trying to get better," said senior defensive end Will Jones. "Trying to be a leader, trying to show these boys the right way to win. Making sure we’re on the right path of getting better every day.”

Even though Westover had their best season in 2018 since 2016 they still lost 3 games with a combined 5 points due to special teams.

Something they say won’t happen again.

“That’s really the most important part of the game," said senior runningback Kershawn Barbary. "Games are lost in that. So, this year, we have to focus on that and make sure that every special team is working at its best.”

The senior Patriots know they have an opportunity to leave a footprint here at Westover.

But they need to ensure that this year’s team finishes every drill and doesn’t let up.

“I’m very excited for the whole thing," said senior quarterback Cameron Hopkins. "Try to win the whole thing and come out on top.”

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