Florida teens give back by helping ‘Keep Albany Beautiful’

FL church members come to Albany to help pick up trash

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - Keep Albany Dougherty Beautiful strives to make sure the Good Life City stays clean.

On Tuesday, the organization got a little help from church members from Jacksonville, Florida.

“It is a good thing to give back and it is not that hard to take one week out of your long summer just to give back to other communities," Noah Overby a Beach United Methodist Church member, said.

Noah Overby (Source: WALB)
Noah Overby (Source: WALB)

He is spending the week cleaning up the Good Life City.

Over 40 teens have been cleaning up trash and trimming crepe myrtles.

Judy Bowles, Keep Albany Doughety Beautiful executive director, said she hopes these teens will encourage Albany youth to clean up.

“They see these young people working and they come up and want to know if they can help," Bowles said. “They are setting a wonderful example for our youth.”

Overby said when the week is over, he hopes the community will be happy with the work they have done.

“I hope to gain that people will be joyful when we leave and that they will be happy with the work we have done and we will do something that will really help other people,” Overby said.

Bowles hopes the Albany community will step up and clean their communities.

“We can make litter go away but we all have to care," Bowles said. “We have to want to make our community look better and have to have pride in our community.”

Judy Bowles, Keep Albany Dougherty Beautiful (Source: WALB)
Judy Bowles, Keep Albany Dougherty Beautiful (Source: WALB)

Overby said he has enjoyed having the opportunity to help Albany.

“God has given my family in my life so much joy and it is a good thing to give back," Overby said.

Bowles said it starts with us to make sure our community stays clean.

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