Wanted woman is former APD employee

Albany Wanted Sisters Reax

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - Albany Police said a suspect wanted in a violent attack used to work in the police department’s Field Training Officer Program.

APD said 26-year-old Jessica Milledge did not work at the department when the alleged attack happened.

Police said a victim accused Milledge of attacking her outside an Albany Nightclub.

Neighbors in the area said they hope the police will find the suspect soon.

Preparing for business hours continues at the Sandtrap 5.0, despite an incident in their parking lot that left a women beaten, and another on the loose.

Jessica Booker said the wanted woman concerns her. (Source: WALB)
Jessica Booker said the wanted woman concerns her. (Source: WALB)

“If they have more out there then I don’t think it would be so much going on. They need to have them on the inside and outside of the club,” said Jessica Booker, an Albany resident.

Albany Police said a victim reported that Milledge and her sister, dragged, and beat her in the nightclub’s parking lot Tuesday.

One man told us this kind of thing happens often.

David Rooks. (Source: WALB)
David Rooks. (Source: WALB)

“I feel like if security would do their job and look out for types of behavior like that then it wouldn’t happen like that,” said David Rooks.

I reached out to the Sandtrap owner, but he did not want to comment.

Police said Milledge is still on the loose.

“This is not the best area over here. So yeah that’s something to be concerned about,” said Booker.

Something else that concerns her is that police said Milledge worked with their department.

“That makes you not have so much trust in them,” Booker explained.

They said Milledge was in the Field Training Officer Program.

APD said it holds personnel accountable to their values, and code of ethics for cops.

Rooks said, they might have just missed one.

“Because of her last occupation at the police department, it should make her more wiser, and more smarter,” said Rooks.

“They need to really look at these people background and figure out what’s going on before they hire them because that’s a little scary,” said Booker.

Investigators said they do have video surveillance, but can’t release it to us while Milledge is wanted.

They also said they want to give Milledge a chance to tell her side of the story.

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