Thomas County Central’s football program gears up for 2019 season

Thomas County Central Yellow Jackets prepares for the regular season

Thomas County Central football

THOMASVILLE, Ga. (WALB) - The anticipation for the 2019 football season continues to build for the Thomas County Central Yellow Jackets.

“We competing on the field everyday like it’s Friday. Trying to get better each and every day, execution and all,” said senior safety Javasee Thomas.

Before they get to those Friday nights, Head Coach, Ashley Henderson said the players need to work on their short term memory.

“Don’t be afraid to make a mistake, but if you make one, make it full speed. If you make a mistake flush it and play the next play,” said Henderson.

Despite the Yellow Jackets improving by two wins last season they still finished last in their division.

To make sure that doesn’t happen again this season senior running back Dashon Lewis told us it’s all mental.

“Well mainly we’re just trying to make sure everybody has a good attitude about practice being mentally tough, because if you’re not mentally tough then the team’s going to fall a part,” said Lewis.

“Last year you know there were some times when tough times hit and we folded. So we’ve really put a premium on tough people win," siad Henderson.

One obstacle they continuously fought last season was not being a cohesive team.

“We’re really trying to embrace toughness right now. Embracing we over me. Trying to become team guys, guys that are about more than themselves," said Henderson.

Now, their focus has shifted and the players have already bought in.

“I’m going to step up as a leader and encourage my teammates the best I can and just help them out whenever they need to be helped out.” said Lewis.

For the seniors, they’re more motivated than ever.

“This my last year so we got to go hard or go home, I’m trying to win state,” said Thomas.

Which they haven't done since 1997.

To have the best shot at succeeding they’re also playing in 7 on 7 tournaments this summer.

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