Valdosta police investigate armed robbery

Valdosta Baytree Road Robbery

VALDOSTA, Ga. (WALB) - The Valdosta Police Department (VPD) is investigating an armed robbery that happened Tuesday at an apartment complex.

Investigators said it happened at Pine Grove Apartments, near the corner of Spring Hill Avenue and Baytree Road.

Residents said they’re not worried because they think it was an isolated incident.

“It can happen to anybody, it don’t matter who you are," said Shon Bennett.

Bennett is a recent graduate who said crime can happen to anyone, but he thinks situations like this, in his neighborhood, are rare.

“It’s either you showboating or they know something about you, you’re on social media or you’re talking, or somebody set you up," said Bennett.

Police said the victims knew the people who robbed them.

Bennett said that he isn’t worried because he said he stays to himself.

“Your eyes are going to be open but you don’t have to really worry about anything that’s too crazy because stuff like that doesn’t happen out here," said Bennett.

Police said they were notified several hours after the incident occurred.

“The biggest thing, when you call us immediately when something has happened, we have a better chance at getting evidence, we have a better chance at finding the people that were involved and we have a better chance at talking to witnesses that might have been walking through the area that we could stop at that time," said Leslie Manahan, the Valdosta police chief.

Manahan said the entire investigation slows down when you wait too long to report it.

“For us to solve crime and for us to get the information, we need, we need to be notified immediately. The longer it takes for us to get the information, the less chance we have of solving the crime that occurred," said Manahan.

Police said those responsible got away with an undisclosed amount of property.

There were no injuries.

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