Final day for Thomas University’s Youth Soccer camp

The Night Hawks Men’s and Women’s team host Youth Soccer camp

Thomas soccer reaching out to the community

THOMASVILLE, Ga. (WALB) - Ball handling is something the kids are learning at Thomas University’s Youth Soccer camp.

“What you give to this game is what you get out and I hope that they put a lot in and get a lot out,” said Jennifer Clyde.

Men's Head Coach, Ricky Zambrano says they're excited to help build this next generation of athletes.

“Really for the kids to build a passion for the game. That’s really what you’re going to gain in four days," said Zambrano.

Also helping with the camp, the Lady Night Hawks' Jennifer Clyde.

In her first year with the camp... she says she's ready to share her knowledge and love for the sport.

“It’s been nice to watch all the kids. Especially, my group from day one kind of just like get comfortable, start learning more about the game they’re all eager to learn about the game,” said Clyde.

Zambrano believes they're able to accomplish far more with the men's and women's team helping with the camp.

“All the young kids need role models that are out there giving them a path for their future," said Zambrano.

“Hopefully, I’m just helping them love the game," said Clyde.

With the summer just starting, the Night Hawks have several summer camps remaining.

Through camps like these they hope it’ll keep the sport growing in South Georgia.

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