Marine Corps Logistics Base holds active shooter drill

Marine Corps Logistics Base holds active shooter drill

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - The Marine Corps Logistics was placed on lockdown for an active shooter drill Tuesday morning.

The base held an exercise called Raging Renegade to practice its mutual aid agreement with Dougherty County partners.

For 30 minutes, no one was allowed on or off the base after reports of multiple shooters.

Dougherty County first responders all answered to the real-life scenario where multiple people played roles to simulate being hurt.

This was all to see how everyone would respond if a massive incident were to occur.

“We work with the coroner, we work with the Albany Police Department, the Albany Fire Department, to exercise those mutual-aid agreements that are already in place. And we see how we can respond and how we can improve,” said Colie Young, the communication strategy officer at the Marine Corps Logistics Base.

Participants said the exercise opened their eyes to this type of tragedy.

“There was an incident in Virginia and that was just something to me because here it is, just innocent people. So in order for me to be aware and let my kids and family know how to be aware, I thought this would be a great exercise to be a part of because now you know what the police do and what the EMS do,” said Wesley Higdon, an actor in the drill.

Dougherty County first responders all participated in the drill.

The base will assess Tuesday’s exercise to see how they would respond if an incident were to occur.

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