Alcohol sales, fiscal year budget breakdown at Lee Co Commission

Alcohol sales, fiscal year budget breakdown at Lee Co Commission

LEESBURG, Ga. (WALB) - Lee County voters will soon decide whether restaurants and package stores should sell alcohol on Sundays.

Tuesday, Lee County Commissioners decided to send the decision to the ballot.

Right now, you have to travel outside the county to buy alcohol on Sundays.

The Lee County Commission will consider allowing malt beverages and wine to be sold at licensed retailers on Sundays...

Posted by WALB News 10 on Tuesday, June 11, 2019

A new ordinance would allow alcohol sales at restaurants and from package stores between 12:30 Sunday afternoon and 11:30 that night.

Commissioner John Wheaton said he worries for the safety of citizens, but, Commissioner Rick Muggridge said he doesn’t want to see dollars leave the community.

“After being in the court for 32 years, and dealing with people with alcohol problems and drug problems, DUI’s and all sorts of traffic, I know where DUI’s some of them end up,” said Wheaton.

Comm. John Wheaton (WALB)
Comm. John Wheaton (WALB)

“We want to make it easy for business to be here. We want to make it easy for hopefully, for them to be profitable to stay here, we want to give people that live here already as many options as we possibly can,” said Muggridge.

The ordinance will be on the ballot in Lee County in November.

Fiscal year budget breakdown at Lee Co Commission

Fiscal Year Bugdet

There will be no tax increase in Lee County this year. Tuesday commissioners had a public hearing on the matter, but it seems those at the meeting where all on board.

We’re told the county can now begin improvement for services like public safety.

Rick Muggridge, Lee County Commissioner (Source: WALB)
Rick Muggridge, Lee County Commissioner (Source: WALB)

Commissioner Muggridge said for the last few years they’ve tried to make changes, and now they can finally start.

“Our budget grew, as it’s done for the last couple of years, because our county continues to grow, which makes life much easier than some of our neighbors, and the issues they are having. We continue to have businesses add to our roles which is always great. Once we get that hospital built, things will really be rosy, but we are getting there,” said Muggridge.

The new budget starts July 1, and includes a small cost of living raise for employees.

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