Residents keep an eye on ground water after heavy rains

Lee Co. Flood Prone Areas

LEE CO., Ga. (WALB) - Some people are looking for more rain while others are ready for it to stop.

We spoke with residents along Joe Poole Drive in Lee County, which has seen flooding in the past several months, especially after Hurricane Michael.

Paul Fabbri lives on Joe Pool Drive (Source: WALB)
Paul Fabbri lives on Joe Pool Drive (Source: WALB)

Residents told us after a few days of rain, that’s when they start to worry about the conditions surrounding their homes.

“When the dry weather was coming for about two weeks, we were like ‘man we wish we had a little bit of rain to offset all the dry grass and pools, and the farmers.’ Then it kept on raining and raining and raining, and you get those feelings again like ‘gosh is it going to start flooding again? We just got through this,’” said Paul Fabbri, who lives on Joe Pool Drive.

He told WALB he’s seen floods get as high as 13 to 14 inches over the roads in his neighborhood.

Right now, residents said they haven’t seen any flooding after the recent rounds of heavy rains.

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