‘Fight for a cause not just because of color of your skin,’: Niece remembers uncle and Civil Rights icon

Civil Rights Leader Memorial

TIFTON, Ga. (WALB) - A civil rights icon will be laid to rest in Tifton.

Willie Ludden Jr. passed away in May in Texas.

His niece, Livonda Williams remembers him fondly.

If I had to sum up everything that he told me throughout the years, I would sum it up in just that, you know, fight for a cause not just because of color of your skin,”
Williams said.

Williams said her uncle wanted to be brought back home to Tifton for burial.

Ludden lived a courageous life. He even was recognized by Reverend Jessie Jackson and former President Barack Obama.

Williams said Ludden put his life on the line fighting during the Civil Rights Movement.

“They did a lot of sit-ins," Willaims said. “They went through a whole lot of police brutality. The articles that I read over the internet talks about the beatings that he endured. "One of the articles actually said that the police said in court that he ran into his fist.”

Williams said her uncle called her a week before he passed.

She recalled the conversation was particularly about the army veteran writing another book to set the record straight on his legacy.

He wanted to make it clear, that it wasn’t so much about just black people moving forward for black people, it was right people moving for (what’s) right. White people and black people coming together, fighting together for a cause that equality will be across the board for all men.”
Williams said.

Williams said she hopes funeral arrangements will be made his week for the man that continues to live on in her heart.

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