Lee County searching for 6-A triple crown in 2019

Trojans won state titles in 2017 & 2018

Lee County looking for triple crown

LEESBURG, Ga. (WALB) - For the past two years, the Lee County Trojans have ruled 6A and have claimed the attention of the nation.

But their past accomplishments are behind them.

And the Trojans are now ready to do it all again.

It's hard to believe that before the 2017 season the Trojans has never found themselves in a state I also game.

Fast forward two years, the Trojans have two state titles, hosted a Geico bowl series game, and are back on the field to search for a possible triple crown.

Back to the grind.

That seems to be the phrase flying around the field for the Trojans.

After hanging another banner, Lee County is keeping a clear mind for the season.

“We’ve got to adjust this year’s team and that’s what our kids have got to understand is,” said head football coach Dean Fabrizio, “we’ve got to embrace the high expectations, but we’ve got to understand is this is a new year and a new team. We’ve got to go out and earn everything.”

After a season that the city will never forget, the Trojans are now searching for a dynasty.

But it starts with every rep during the preseason.

“I’m very excited," said senior quarterback Kyle Toole. "It’ll be a great challenge to get back to another state championship. But it’s a challenge we’re looking forward to and we’re ready for it. So, we’re just going to go get it.”

The argument for who wins ball games between offense and defense will continue forever.

But there's no denying the Trojans defense… who averaged just over 7 points per game.

“I think the defense is looking just as strong, even better," said junior linebacker Baron Hopson. "Last year we had some big names. Jamie Robinson, Tae, Trill. This year we’ve got a bunch of young guys stepping up. A lot of potential, a lot of speed. We’re going to come after it.”

With 42 graduated seniors now gone, the Trojans may have to fill those spots, but aren’t short on the talent that’s needed.

“You know, we got a lot of kids in our program," said Fabrizio. "When you have a 170 plus kids, 9th-12th in your program. You know, we got a lot kids who have been working hard and kind of waiting their turn and it’s their turn to see what they can do.”

A long season awaits the Trojans.

But only time will tell if Lee County will be adding another banner in 2019.

“We got to want it," said senior offensive lineman Brendon Harper. “Every team in 6A want it. We got to want it.”

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