Former President Jimmy Carter returns to Sunday School after hip surgery

Jimmy Carter Church Reaction

PLAINS, Ga. (WALB) -.Jimmy Carter returned to his Sunday school service Sunday morning in Plains.

The former president spoke to hundreds during his Sunday school service for the first time since having hip surgery.

Some people say they arrived at Maranatha Baptist Church around 1:30 a.m. just to hear the former president speak.

Hundreds of people waited for hours in the rain to hear and see the nation's 39th president.

“President Carter is just awesome. I’ve had the opportunity to attend one of his Sunday school classes before,” said Deborah Woodward, attendee.

“I’m excited, this is on my bucket list, I’m marking it off.”

President Carter had hip replacement surgery in May.

Before the service began, the church experienced a minor power outage.

However, the show went on and President Carter started services by asking attendees where they are from.

Video use was limited and cell phones were only allowed during certain parts of Sunday’s services.

Despite his recent health issues, former President Carter had high spirits.

During the hour-long service, he talked about everything from his presidency, God’s kingdom and the Holy Spirit.

He also spoke about his first phone call with President Trump, where he called him "very gracious."

During the service, he joked of his own time as president as “ancient times.”

Regardless of your health conditions or age, former President Carter shows there is always time for laughter and faith.

His next scheduled Sunday school is on June 23.

Church staff says around 500 people showed up to Sunday’s service.

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