Cougars hoping preseason work will result in first state title

Crisp County searching for first state title

Crisp County ready to welcome first state title

CORDELE, Ga. (WALB) - Just like a lot of other teams across the South, Crisp County has found their way to the gridiron.

But the Cougars believe they have what it takes to separate themselves from the pack.

Although the 2019 season is still months away, the Cougars can see their future being bright as they hope to find that first state title and slap the Crisp County name on the front.

“This year, we got a lot of leadership and we’re taking everything serious," said senior outside linebacker Jayren Fox. "No walking, no lollygagging, none of that. Everything is all about business this year.”

For the past three years, the Cougars have ruled the region.

Capturing 3 consecutive region titles and holding an 11-0 record.

“I think one thing that most didn’t know last year is that we started a host of Sophomores," said head Crisp County head football coach Brad Harber. "But now we feel real good going into the season this year because they’re upper class-men now and they’ve done a really good job of leading this group.”

Two years ago, the Cougars offense was the backbone of the team...averaging over 36 points per game. Hoping that this season they can ignite that same spark once again, that will help carry them in 2019.

But every good coach knows that their offense is only as good as the big boys up front.

“We’re going to have a good season this year," said senior offensive lineman Colton Oliver. "We’re more physical. We got a big O-line. We’re faster, we’re quicker. We’re gunna get it done this year.”

But with every good offense comes a stronger defense.

Which the Cougars said is better than ever.

“I think we got a great defense," said senior defensive end Jh’quan Bass. "We lost like two people off of defense last year. So, we still, well we ain’t young no more but we still got a great defense.”

With the season growing closer each day, the Cougars can’t wait to show what they’ve got.

“I don’t want to lose any," said senior middle linebacker Trenton Richey. "I know that don’t want to either. So, we’ll do whatever it takes to win them all.”

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