New method gives improved bunion relief

New method for Bunion relief

TIFTON, Ga. (WALB) - A new procedure that could take care of your foot pain, and provide a quicker recovery.

It was a surgery that not only fixed a medical problem, but gave one woman the confidence to walk in heels again.

Sunny Ross, 27, was one of the many who have gone through with a new bunion procedure with Dr. Eric Massa.

Bunion relief was welcome for Sunny Ross (WALB)
Bunion relief was welcome for Sunny Ross (WALB)

Before the procedure, Ross was really embarrassed and self conscious about her feet, and wanted to relieve the stress and pain that came with it.

“Before the operation I was very self-conscious about it. I have had the bunion ever since I could remember. I remember being five years old at the pool parties trying to hide my foot, because people were noticing it and ask questions about it,” said Ross

Sunny Ross (WALB)
Sunny Ross (WALB)

Ross’s reaction after the procedure was done was amazing!

“I feel so much better! I actually saw Dr. Massa about a month or two after I got my boot off and everything was healed. I saw him at Barberito’s and I was like LOOK AT MY FOOT,” Ross said.

The procedure gave Ross her personality and made her job easier walking across the campus.

Dr. Eric Massa (WALB)
Dr. Eric Massa (WALB)

“The procedure we did on Ms. Ross was a new bunion procedure. We corrected the three anatomical plains with the bone, so we treat the bunion at the root cause. So we are able to shift the bone over, eliminate the bunion, lock the unstable joint in place, so it should never recur again,” Dr. Massa said.

The recovery used to take up to six weeks after the old procedure, but with the new one, it could take only three days.

Research has shows that 23% of people ages 18 to 65 , and more than 30% of people over 65, have bunions.

One method you could use to avoid bunions is to wear comfortable shoes.

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