’We have gone from us getting paid for recycling materials, to us paying’; Tifton recycling owner working to clear out eyesore

Tifton recycling center

TIFTON, Ga. (WALB) - Many people said they aren’t happy with the amount of recycled waste laying out for drivers to see on Magnolia Industrial Boulevard in Tifton.

The community of Tifton has spoken out about the need to remove the amount of recycling at the Golden Environmental recycling center, which is a privately owned business.

Business owner of Golden Environmental, Richard Golden, said the processes of moving the items aren’t as fast as they use to be.

“You can rest assure we are going to move this at the time that it is available to be moved," said Golden.

Golden also said that the process has changed since the start in recycling items. He just has too much.

“In the past year, we have been experiencing very volatile recycling markets. We have gone from us getting paid for recycling materials, to us paying," said Golden.

Golden said that he understands how it looks but he and his employees can only move so much with their new schedule they have for recycling pick up.

“Christmas if you were looking at it, it would have been twice as much as we have had. Since then, we have knocked it down in half. Christmas is always a big time and we have experienced that same allocation of delivery of recycles. We are on a downtime of recycle and that is a result,” said Golden.

Golden said the recycle cleanup should be cleared within a month.

Other business owners nearby said recycled products end up on their property most times.

The business owners at Magnolia Industrial said they want to see change within a month.

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