Job alert: Ashburn in need of employees

Job openings in Ashburn

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - The City of Ashburn is looking for qualified people to fill some openings.

Executive Director Ashley Miller said the city leaders have been looking for employees for more than a month now.

“A lot of jobs out there in Turner County, but a lot of them are skilled labor. If you can weld, we can get you a job,” said Miller.

A lot of the jobs require training and the usage of a forklift or driving trucks. Most of the training for these jobs can be taught on the job.

“It is better to walk in with a certificate but these employers need people. They need people who will show up, they need people that will be there on time. If you are that type of person, a responsible person, they will train you,” Miller said.

When the news first got out over Facebook about the need for workers, many people reached out to get in on the opportunity. However, that just wasn’t enough, the city still needs more help.

Miller said the city has only about 8,000 citizens in Ashburn so far.

That number alone can affect businesses and prevent them from coming into the city.

Miller also said they have a service that allows penitential employers to look for jobs that meet their needs.

“We actually have a labor finding service here called Labor Finders. They work with a lot of our bigger entities such as Nolin Steel. Nolin Steel is looking somewhere from 6 to 8 people. These are good paying jobs, quality of life jobs that you could raise a family with,” said Miller.

Ashburn just hosted its 2020 Census job program which plays a big part in the job market in the city.

The system gives the city a count of how many people are living in the area and what jobs the city has to offer. for the information to be accurate, everyone must participate.

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