Game on Training helping South Georgia young baseball stars

Has helped hundred of South Georgia baseball players since opening their doors in 2013

Game on training helping South Georgia's elite

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - With regionals just a few days away for College baseball, a handful of South Georgia’s very own are getting ready to charge towards the World Series.

A huge part to their success is Game On Training.

Who’s had the opportunity to turn South Georgia’s talent into some of the best to play the game.

“Man, just to see something we had as a vision, to become reality," said co-founder of Game on training Jay Flynt, "and to see all this, with fields and indoor and outdoor facilities, is just a dream come true.”

What started as an idea, has quickly turned into a reliable source for baseball in South Georgia.

“Before, in the younger days, you just got up there and you’d throw fast balls and maybe a curve ball," said Augusta University pitcher Joseph Pittman. "You really didn’t think much of it. But, with Jay, he’s taught me that you have to really know what to throw into which batter.”

Since 2013, Jay Flynt and Hayes Cook have been able to help South Georgia’s youth, and have helped turn them into some of the most elite players in the game of baseball.

“A ten-year-old kid can walk in here and fulfill his dream in Albany Georgia and the Lee County area," said Flynt. "So, whether it’s Synergy at one time and now it’s Game on, both organizations do a great job of putting people in the next level, and we’re just excited to be a part of that.”

With Regionals just days away, players like Steven Williams from Auburn and Connor Thomas from Georgia Tech, contribute their success to the staff and help at Game on.

“For Synergy to have this program and this kind of facilities to have for these guys to develop,” said Thomas, “man it’s the world to these guys. It helped me and it helped, I’m sure Steven, kind of go to the next level in our baseball development.”

With hundreds of kids from around South Georgia receiving the coaching they need, many are just thankful for the opportunity.

“The facilities been excellent for their development," said Tom Pinson. "It’s a nice place to come hit, throw, workout and also be around better talent to make them better.”

For Game on and the talent in South Georgia, it seems the possibilities are endless.

“As a coach, you get measured by the outcome of the kids in a lot of ways," said Cook. "So, that definitely makes you feel proud to see them move on and continue their careers.”

Game on will have a Softball camp on June 3rd till June 7th.

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