Crisp Co. sheriff’s looking for new candidates

Cordele Police Recruitments

CRISP, CO. (WALB) - The Crisp County Sheriff’s Office is searching for new candidates for a new recruitment program.

Crisp County Sheriff Billy Hancock says they need more deputies on the streets. He says that 80 percent of law enforcement agencies across the country are not up to full staff.

Sheriff Hancock has a plan in place to compete with agencies in other areas.

“Number one, we have to have competitive benefits. Number two, we have to get a message out there that shows the excitement at what we can do," said Sheriff Hancock. "Hopefully, we can recruit some of these people coming out of high school or college.”

Currently, the county has four certified deputies and two detention officers. The sheriff’s office also has 60 sworn personnel, such as patrol deputies, court deputies, an investigation team, hospital security and deputies for inmate transport.

Sheriff Hancock says this time around, the approach has to be different.

“We have to get out there and get ahead of the curve. We are trying to recruit people wanting to be law enforcement officers or even detention officers. So we gotta get the message out there,” Sheriff Hancock added.

The sheriff says the training for those that apply is crucial. He says the training might be long and isn’t easy, but the feeling of fulfillment is worth it.

“That doesn’t come easy. That’s 12,14,15 to 16 weeks to get somebody ready to get on the road,” said Hancock.

The Crisp County top cop says benefits for the job are enough and reasonable for anyone looking to get their start in law enforcement.

“We want people to know what our benefits are. We pay 70 percent of your insurance and you get a take-home car,” Sheriff Hancock said while regarding the benefits for the job.

The starting pay for a deputy sheriff is $33,000 a year and for a detention officer, it’s 31,000 a year.

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