APD works to recruit entry-level officers

Albany Police Department Retention Rates

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - The Albany Police Department (APD) is in need of officers to protect and serve the people of the city.

Chief Michael Persley said the goal is to not only recruit but retain officers, but it can be a lot more challenging than expected. Currently, there are 20 vacant entry-level officer positions.

Persley said recruiters use techniques like looking into the private sector to see how to appeal to the next generation of officers.

APD is not just competing against other law enforcement agencies like sheriff’s offices and neighboring county’s police departments, but they’re also competing against corporate America.

Michael Persley, Albany Police Chief (Source: WALB)
Michael Persley, Albany Police Chief (Source: WALB)

They’re looking for applicants with a clean criminal history and driving record. Persley said if someone has used marijuana in the past two years or narcotics in the past five, those are disqualifying factors.

“We look at a person’s job history and their life history. We want to make sure we’re hiring people who have some life experience, who have some job experience, work experience. Are you good at dealing with people, do you want to deal with people?” Persley said.

APD is always looking for good officers to protect and serve... (WALB)
APD is always looking for good officers to protect and serve... (WALB)

Persley emphasized the importance of recruits with strong people skills. It’s a job that’s open to a wide variety of majors for people with various backgrounds and talents, the chief said.

Persley said one of the main goals is for the new recruits to be problem solvers and creative thinkers.

“You’re going to deal with the highs, you’re going to deal with the lows. There are some things, you’re going to deal with a diverse population which is good and you also have to have an open mind,” explained the Chief.

The starting salary is around $34,500 per year.

You can apply for an officer position through the city of Albany’s website.

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