Albany Tech teaches cyber program

Albany Tech. teaches cyber program

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - On Wednesday, Albany Tech instructors taught a relaunch of a program that is offered to anyone who wants to learn how to combat computer hacking.

Many students say they walked out feeling like they could make a difference.

Department Chair of Computer Support and Cyber Security, Tim Edwards, led the class. Students learned how to protect personal data for themselves and their businesses.

Edwards says today’s class is different from previous ones, and said the community must have the desire to learn about this topic, to be aware of any potential threats.

He believes getting more people educated could attract more technical jobs to the area. Many of the risks include identity theft, loss of data, and loss of finances.

He said that cyber security is a great thing to have whether you are a bushiness owner, or just a person who wants their information protected.

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