Albany gas prices on the decline

Albany Gas Prices steady decrease

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - With school out and the official start of summer less than a month away, families are taking advantage of some lower gas prices.

According to Gas Buddy’s daily survey, Georgia gas prices have fallen almost four cents per gallon since last week. This is good news for drivers and a local gas station owner.

Gas is getting a little cheaper
Gas is getting a little cheaper (Source: WAFB)

“People are wanting to travel, so in the summer time is allows them to do so. It then allows them to have some extra money in their pocket to get to their destination,” said Walker Lanier, Homerun Foods store manager.

" I am excited, because I am able to go about in the city and go to places I need to go, especially to my doctor appointments, to church‚ to visit friends and to do the things I need to," said Albany resident Mary Macon.

Gas prices in Georgia are over 13 cents cheaper per gallon than they were a month ago. The lowest price for gas in Georgia is currently $2.25, according to Gas Buddy Daily.

This time last year, gas was $2.79, a 54-cent difference.

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