Two Mitchell Co. High School basketball players sign with ASU

Two Mitchell Co. High School basketball players taking their talents to the next level.

Game on Training helping South Georgia's young baseball stars

CAMILLA, Ga. (WALB) - With four seniors graduating this past season off the Lady Rams roster, ASU looks to stack their team back up.

As the Rams didn’t have to look too far to find good talent.

Two Mitchell County High School basketball players are hoping to make a big impact at Albany State.

Ayanna Dennard and Trametria Scott just signed with the Lady Rams Basketball team.

Playing at the collegiate level is something they've fought to make possible.

Now, they’re gearing up for new challenges.

“Strength, because I know that there are females older than me and stronger than me,” said Dennard.

“I hope that I can bring a lot of energy, personality, and athleticism," said Scott.

The two will join the Rams in the fall.

The Rams’ season opener is set for Nov. 8 against West Florida.

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