ALB All-stars eager for chance to bring home World Series title

U-10 All-Star team won the 2018 Dizzy Dean World Series

ALB All-stars eager for chance to bring home World Series title
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ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - The ALB Allstars are getting ready for the Dizzy Dean World Series this year.

After winning the 2018 World Series title, the U-10 team left some pretty big shoes to fill.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a year since the ALB Allstars took to the field.

But, here they are, right back where it all started.

But now with a new banner hanging in center field.

“We are very excited," said U-11 head baseball coach Willie Weaver. "All the boys played at some place this year. At the end of the season, we get back together, and we have the entire 12 that we took to the World Series and won.”

Before the 2018 U-10 team won the World Series, the ALB Allstars hadn’t seen a new banner since 1990.

Now with some new hardware to keep the banner company, the Allstars hope for a chance to bring it back home.

“You know, it’s just really awesome to do this and let us go have an opportunity to be champions," said U-10 Pitcher Brooks Strickland. "It’s just really good. Just to be honest. It’s fun.”

Although the now U-11 team who won the World Series last year won’t be return to reclaim their title, they still have a chance to win a World Series in Dothan.

But are just excited, to be back together.

“Well the kids are very happy," said Weaver. "What happens during the regular season is the kids get to play with kids that’s not as good as all of them together. When they get back together, they don’t have to worry about taking up space and have to worry about helping other kids out on the playing field. They are really excited to be back together. They can relax and actually play baseball.”

With a new U-10 group now moving up a year, these boys are ready for a chance to have their names on the banner, and start a tradition for themselves.

“It’s very exciting to go to the World Series because, there’s a lot of teams that you get to go, It’s a competition," said U-10 Center fielder Jack Hampson. "You know, and it’s really exciting to go.”

With just a month left before the World Series, these All-stars have a bit of a chip on their shoulders, as they get ready to claim the title.

“To be honest, I’m really excited," said Strickland, "because we have confidence that we might win it.”

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