Family comes together to say goodbyes

Family comes together to say goodbyes

BAINBRIDGE, Ga. (WALB) - The family of a 3-year-old girl who died from what Albany police called a “heinous crime”, was laid to rest Saturday.

Family celebrated the life of Ja’Niyah Brooks in Bainbridge.

Janiyah Armanie Brooks, a 3-year-old victim of sexual abuse, died Saturday.
Janiyah Armanie Brooks, a 3-year-old victim of sexual abuse, died Saturday. (Source: Albany Police Department)

Krista Wimberly and Laura Rhymes are just two of many funeral goers who became distraught at Ja’Niyah Brooks funeral, urging others to keep an eye out for signs of child abuse.

“If you see anything—anything that is remotely close to this person that is abusing this child in any form, call someone, tell someone," said Rhymes.

Ja’Niyah’s mother, Crystal Brooks, 19, and stepfather, Gregory Parker, 20, were both charged in the days leading up to her death in connection to her death.

“I just seen a lot of folks break down. I know I broke down inside because I have a little girl," said Travis Fluett.

Fluett sang at the funeral where he says it was an emotional atmosphere.

“It was lot man, like I said. I was real teary-eyed. My heart was beating real fast. You could feel the tension inside the church," said Fluett

“The hurt that we feel—it just can’t be explained," said Wimberly.

Nonetheless, everyone wore their pink or Minnie Mouse t-shirts in honor of two of Ja’Niyah favorite things to celebrate her life, be thankful that she no longer has to be in pain...

“You know what I’m saying? She’s in a better place. We know for a fact that she’s in a better place and she doesn’t have to deal with this wicked world,"

And to send her off the right way.

“She’s with the angels right now in heaven," said Lafon Hair.

Ja’Niyah’s father didn’t want to speak on camera but shared that he considers Saturday’s service a success.

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